Denmark Map X

Denmark Map X 2.0

This is an add-on scenery package for the computer game Flight Simulator X. It provides vector based landscape coverage for all of Denmark.

The package does the following:

  • Replaces all FSX landclass cells within the borders of Denmark and adds a large number of additional land classification polygons. The primary sources for this part is the Areal Information System, but in version 2.0 it has been mixed with the polygons from
  • Replaces FSX default roads (including traffic) and railways with the ones from
  • Replaces FSX land / water mask with the one from


Download from

News in version 2.1

Nothing radical. Only minor fixes and adjustments based on user feedback.

News in version 2.0

More detail in general. A lot more roads. Water classes. Optimization for better performance and load times.

Known problems

AFCADs in Addon Scenery not working: Version 2.x includes a number of AFCADs that make some basic corrections to the default airports of FSX/Prepar3d. This has the unintended sideeffect that if you have an AFCAD installed in Addon Scenery/Scenery, with a lower priority than Denmark Map X, that AFCAD will be disabled. The effected airports/airfields are: EKAT, EKGH, EKHK, EKHS, EKKA, EKRA, EKSS.
The fix is simple: Remove the relevant AFCAD from Denmark Map X. The files are named EK**_ADEX_JKE.BGL.

Out of memory errors around EKCH 04L and 22L: Two users have reported significant stutter and out of memory errors on final approach to EKCH 04L and 22L. The same problem can not be reproduced with Denmark Map X 1.0. It has happened with the combination of Denmark Map X 2.0, Scansim EKCH and Denmark Scenery. I am trying to work out a solution so that these sceneries can work together, but I have the "unfortunate" problem that I am not able to reproduce the problem myself. So I rely heavily on the feedback of the users who experience this problem and are able to reproduce it. If you experience this problem please contact me, and I will send you my latest suggestion for a solution for testing. If it works I will of course publish the fix, but at the moment I have no fix that has been verified to work.


Unzip the directory "Denmark Map X 2.0" to any location of your choice on your harddrive(s). Inside FSX go to the item "Scenery Library..." and press "Add Area...". Find the unzipped directory "Denmark Map X 2.0" and press OK. Now the item "Denmark Map X 2.0" should appear in the list of installed scenery packages. If you have installed other addon scenery packages it is a probably a good idea to press "Move Down" a couple of times thereby giving this scenery package a low priority compared to the other packages.

Here is a litte video I made on how to upgrade from version 1.0 to version 2.0:

Along with other commonly used scenery addons I recommend the following order of scenery packages:

Specific airport sceneries
Denmark Scenery
Denmark Map X
Ultimate Terrain X Europe

An example can look like this:

Scenery Library in FSX

If you are using Denmark Scenery on top of Denmark Map X 2.0 I recommend deleting the three files aalb_poly_FSX.BGL, aalb_traffic_FSX.bgl and ekyt_poly_FSX.BGL in the Scenery directory of Denmark Scenery. I am the author of those files as well and I personally think Denmark Map X 2.0 provides improved coverage of the same areas.

Data sources

The package is based on two sets of data:

  • The Danish Areal Information System (AIS, "Arealanvendelseskortet") provided by the National Environmental Research Institute. This dataset may be used freely for non-commercial purposes.
  • The streetmap from which is made available to the public under a Creative Commons license.


FSX KML, ADE and my own custom made software.


Only for non-commercial use. The package may be distributed freely as long as the content remains unaltered. Hosting sites may of course add additional text files and similar.

Special thanks to Kim Dahl, Lars Møllebjerg, Steffen Nielsen, Ulrik Kvist and pfpeter for testing and constructive feedback.

Relations to Denmark Scenery

Denmark Map X goes well with the large Danish freeware project Denmark Scenery. Denmark Scenery is mainly a large collection of custom made 3D objects that are placed on top of a landmap with correct geo references. And Denmark Map X is such a map. This means that Denmark Map X in fact contains no custom made 3D objects. The only 3D objects that you will see as a result of this package is the autogen that is associated with a specific classification of land, e.g. medium city urban area or specific types of vegetation. In version 2.0 a few library objects have been added, like football stadiums in the cities and ships in some the ports.

Denmark Map X works fine without Denmark Scenery. But it does look a lot better with Denmark Scenery and a number of other custom add-ons, like the ones from Vidan Design.