Estonia Map X

Estonia Map X is a vector scenery package covering all of Estonia. The package is based on geographic data from

The data have been processed with custom made software tools and FSX KML to convert them into vector scenery for FSX.

The package replaces all FSX landclass cells within the borders of Estonia and adds a large number of additional land classification polygons.

The default FSX coastlines are replaced with the more detailed ones from This means that the land / water mask is changed so that a large number of islands will appear that are not visible in the default version of FSX.

The package replaces all FSX default roads and railways with the ones from

You can see images in the comparative image gallery.


Download (9.5 MB)


Unzip the directory "Estonia Map X 1.0" to any location of your choice on your harddrive(s). Inside FSX go to the item "Scenery Library..." and press "Add Area...". Find and select the unzipped directory "Estonia Map X 1.0" and press OK. Now the item "Estonia Map X 1.0" should appear in the list of installed scenery packages. If you have installed other addon scenery packages it is probably a good idea to press "Move Down" a couple of times thereby giving this scenery package a low priority compared to the other packages.

The package depends on no other scenery packages.


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